Elixir forum goes live in about 12 hours!


The Elixir Forum goes live on Tuesday :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding the same design here on MetaRuby and the Elm Forum - though we’ll use the Ruby and Elm colours for them. I think being part of a network will be beneficial for all three sites, as it will hopefully mean more people visiting even if due to curiosity.

Please drop by, register, post etc and let me know what you think - once it has been tested and there are no major bugs, we’ll start to add the design here :slight_smile:

May be some downtime this week - putting an Elixir Forum up!

Are you asking for feedback on the new design or on the content?


I am giving a look, the first thing i noticed is the different style for not read posts in the main page… personally i prefere the solution used here (bold font for not read posts, normal font after reading), but everything else seems ok


Anything and everything :lol:

Me too… but unfortunately that is the standard Discourse way and at the moment we have a bit of a fudge on MetaRuby where all threads are in bold grey for guests. Having said that, now that I’ve had more time with it I will see if I can come up with a better solution. Although I wonder if we’ll feel the same after living with it for a while (I quite like the clean look of it).


@AstonJ Thanks