May be some downtime this week - putting an Elixir Forum up!

I am going to try and install another Discourse forum (for Elixir) this week - it means doing multiple Discourse installs from a single Docker container. I’ve never done this before so just letting you know the site may be unavailable for a day or so if I mess things up :043:


Ok, let us know the Elixir forum later as I’m interested in following that

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Will do @gabrielrios :023:

me too :023:

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Sure thing @ferdinandrosario

I’ve been working on the logo so haven’t had time to look at the install yet, might have a go tonight or over the weekend tho :slight_smile:

Let me know once you setup the forum! I’m learning Elixir!

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Just a note to say I installed the forum last week (and nothing broke! :lol:) and I’ve been working on the design. Will let you know when it’s ready to take for a spin :023:

Just a quick question, do you think having links to all three forums in the header is a good idea? Or might it put people off? The three programming forums will be for Ruby (this one) Elixir and Elm. My thinking was that it would be beneficial as anyone interested in either of those forums might want to check out another.

Can’t speak for everyone, but I’d find it beneficial.

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I think the links should be clearly visible yet subtle.

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Good stuff - that’s what I was thinking too :003:

Ok guys @gabrielrios @ferdinandrosario @treble37 @nahtnam @danielpclark see here for more Elixir forum goes live in about 12 hours!

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It says I dont have access to that topic.


That’s odd - it’s in the member’s only forum, which should be accessible to all members :confused:

Ok have a look now - the permission system is different to what I’m used to (I had to add all the trust levels to it) should be fine now :slight_smile: