Building Gems guide

I wrote a guide to building gems a while back. I put it in a github repository as that made it easy to distribute associated code. I’ve just been chatting to someone about gems and realised that it my be worth distributing this a little more widely. The guide is here:


Nice one Reggie :023:

I think we need to compile some sort of useful links wiki, and then add threads like this to it :wink:

Any volunteers? :lol: (Perhaps something like this Opal Resources)

Bundler’s probably the way to go. You can create the template for any gem with

bundle gem example

And reference for gem changes is available at:

Also worth mentioning I had written a blog post on versioning with gems and github tags and some one pointed out to me you can accomplish everything by simply doing:

rake release

There always seem to be better way to do things :grinning:

However, I think it’s good to start with the very basics, and to dig around in the gem files themselves. The better you understand the basics, the more you appreciate the other ways of doing things.

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