Are there any ruby programmers trying to learn Elixir?


I was just wondering if there are any Ruby devs in here trying to learn Elixir and if so:

  1. What’s been the most difficult part of it?
  2. What would make it easier to learn for you? (e.g., more time, someone more experienced to tell you what you need to know)
  3. What do you feel like is missing out there in terms of new information to learn Elixir?


I am trying to learn Elixir, so far so good :smile: I am very early on in the process, so not sure if my response is worth much… but…

  1. No truly difficult parts yet, … perhaps inspecting the data types returned and figuring what data types are required by libs (Poison for example). I often wonder if the way I am doing things is the correct way.

  2. More time would be good. If my work were using it that would be great but currently learning on my own time, which is very limited

  3. So far I would say everything I have wanted to know is in the elixir-lang site or elixir school

I have very little time to spare, so I mainly learn on the train during my commute to work, this means not internet connection, which is actually great I read the docs rather than google for bit of code I need.
I cloned the following:

so far those have allowed me to produce a REST api ontop of a SQLite file and a I am currently trying to do some sort of blockchain implementation.


Many Rubyists jumped over to Elixir about two years or so ago. A sister forum was created for them and other Elixir enthusiasts here: . You’ll find many “Rubyists” there and may get many more replies if you ask the question there.

You may be interested in these existing threads on this forum:

  1. Elixir
  2. Elixir Links
  3. Anyone interested in learning Elixir?

Although I see you were a participant of the last one.

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Thanks for the suggestion @danielpclark

Check out the learning resources sections Bruce :023:

I’ve written a few reviews as well :slight_smile:


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1 - Just that you’re learning something completely different under the hood… so it stretches the grey matter (in a good way!) :lol:
2 - Time. Everything else is there now… there are so many awesome books and online courses - really quite unheard of so early in the life of a language.
3 - Nothing…