Anyone interested in learning Elixir?

So far me and @RedFred7 have decided to and @Ohm wants to brush up on his skills on it (plus a few people on Twitter have expressed an interest as well). Want to join us?

We’ll be putting up an Elixir forum soon so it will be the perfect time to jump aboard as so many of us on it will be in the same boat.

The future is functional - don’t get left behind! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, brushing up is nicely put. It might be “learning more” as I’ve just scratched the surface with Elixir.

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If I am still learning Ruby and Rails, would it be a good idea to look into Elixir?

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Well the good thing is you are one step ahead of us - so if we get stuck we can ask you hehe :blush:

I recall you saying you need Ruby and Rails for work? If so then I would wait until you’ve mastered that to a level you are happy with before learning Elixir - otherwise you might make things more confusing for yourself.

At the moment I think two really good reasons to learn Elixir are:

  • If you want to learn a functional programming language
  • You need the concurrency and scalability (or some EVM library) for your project

Having said that, if you think learning an additional language won’t make things difficult for, then go for it! :smiley:

Thanks for this !

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Yes, I’m interested in this, let us know when the new forum goes up - out of curiosity - why not just make an Elixir category in this forum? Plenty of Ruby people are interested in Elixir so there’d be a nice overlap.

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Seems interesting, I’m in

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Awesome :smile:

Re the question about the Elixir category, well… part of the reason I wanted to start a dedicated forum is because the thread with the most replies on MetaRuby was… about Elixir :lol: and I was conscious about a thread about Elixir being so popular on a Ruby forum.

Besides, I have the perfect domain name for an Elixir forum :003:

Ps sorry about the delay in replying - only just saw your post.

Nice one!

I have some stuff to do first, but when I’ve got the time I am going to get my head around multiple Discourse instances on the same server (unfortunately it’s not that straight forward). Should be matter of weeks rather than months tho …fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

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Nothing to apologize for, I just posted today. It’s amazing how active you are on this forum - unlike you, some forum admins don’t reply within minutes, rather weeks go by! :smile:

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Haha it must be late - I saw your post and thought you posted a month ago :043:

But thanks :icon_smile: I try to reply when I can add something of value to the conversation, and with regards to speed, blame notifications :003:

Nice to see a pragprog Phoenix book coming out…

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