Your plans for 2016?

Happy New Year!

What are your plans for 2016?

I want to learn Elixir and Elm :slight_smile:

In non-programming related, I want to move - somewhere warm! :lol:

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I want to integrate Elm into more of our products. I will steer towards more offline friendly techniques. I am also interested in exploring so called “serverless” stacks. API Gateway w/ Lambda or Pouchdb syncing with CouchDB for a backend.


Would like to add another >1000 net new subscribers next year.


Be more positive and supportive towards others. Have lunch with my kids at school.

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I think I am going to look at learning/using Sketch too - really like what I see so far :slight_smile:

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That looks nice. I’d be interested in your feelings on that after you’ve used it for a while.

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This is worth a look too - a good photoshop alternative and currently on offer :slight_smile:

Ok have used it a fair bit now and I really like it! It’s perfect for app/web design :023:

If you want to do logo creation or professional print work then illustrator is better because it has more features, more colour modes etc. The simplicity is definitely a plus point tho - it’s really easy to use.

The only other downside I think is price - if other programs competing with Adobe products like Affinity photo can sell for £39 ($55) including taxes then it makes Sketch seem a little expensive at £82 ($117) - I think £49 ($71) is the perfect price point.

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It does look rather nice. Design is painful for me, so anything that makes that easier it a win! Maybe I can expense it… :slight_smile:

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There is a free trial too :slight_smile:

Or you can just use GIMP or Krita which are both free and open source :grin:


I always liked Gimp, but I find it mostly inadequate as a design tool. Great for getting into photos and stuff, but too many road blocks for me. I need a tool that geared towards web design.

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Keep in mind Sketch/illustrator is vector based - that with its tools, resources just makes it much better for modern app/web design imo…

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Design… I think I’m going to add “improving my design skills” to my 2016 plans.

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Now that Affinity Designer has artboards it is worth a look too. It’s also much closer feature-wise to Illustrator…

For 2016 I want to

  1. learn enough Japanese to be conversational.
  2. author a library/project that’s foundational to the opensource community
  3. launch a commercial project
  4. become physically conditioned and have a good pattern of physical discipline
  5. create teams/community in programming, parkour, and running
  6. be a leader

I like that it’s half the price of Sketch 3 :slightly_smiling:

I’ve been doing some small design things with the Sketch 3 trial. It’s been pretty easy to get into. At least for simple things. Affinity looks pretty sharp though.

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You can get the trial here @kofno

For 2016:

  1. Learn Elixir / Phoenix
  2. Javascript (Angular, React, Elm??)
  3. More blogging

My mantra for 2016 is “I love Javascript because I said so”. :smile:

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Watch this space for Elixir and Elm forums :003:

  1. Writing more test and used to TDD.
  2. Learn Swift and release at least a mobile app in the appstore
  3. Start a video or podcast series about Ruby or any tech
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Nice one @ndrx42

I’ve bought a Udemy course on Swift so might give it a go one day too :lol:

Screencasts get a thumbs up from me too! :023: