Women in tech

I think it’s great that we have more and more women coming into programming and tech in general. I think Ruby in particular has always been very attractive to women, because the community is super friendly :smile:

However there is still work to do, so I thought this thread might be a nice idea.

For all the women out there, what do you see in the industry that you find off-putting, upsetting, or undermining? Perhaps if you share your feelings here we can all get an insight into what it’s like.

For everyone else, this thread is not meant to be a debate about ‘equality’ or a discussion about freedom of speech or expression - it’s about trying to be understanding of those who have a harder time than most of us in this field. So please show consideration when replying. Thanks.



I don’t think it’s the industry. I think it’s all industries. It just happens that tech has more cis men and thus a slightly higher concentration of people with that privilege. I also think that when people make comments that are hurtful or demeaning, it’s most frequently out of thoughtlessness and not malice.

As a woman, it can get very tiring to be speaking up all the time and I’ve stopped saying anything frequently because it’s easier to be quiet (a scary thought). I’m extremely grateful to those who continue to have the energy.

I’d love to hear about the experiences that other underrepresented groups in tech have. I know it’s also very hard for PoC.