Will you be adding a custom theme here?

Discourse is the first forum platform that I’ve actually been happy to use with the default skin - it’s pretty good as it is!

Having said that, as someone who’s been running forums for quite some time now with custom skins that have often helped us stand out, the thought of doing one for MetaRuby is of course very appealing. But time!!! Wish there was more of it!

So it’s definitely on the cards, and if we get some free time and/or the site takes off quicker/bigger than we first thought then we could up the priority. For now though, I’m happy to use the default skin and although it hasn’t been touched as of writing this, we might make some slight tweaks by the time you read this.

If you’d love to see us do a custom skin - voice your support here! Your demand could well sway things!

I don’t mind the basic discourse theme, but I think custom themes can go a long way to building a more welcoming environment.

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