Who to follow on Twitter?

Inspired by @AstonJ 's comment on the Podcast/RSS Feed topic.

Who do you follow on Twitter for some ruby news/ snippets/ cool programming topics in general?

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I actually cleaned up who I was following a little while back, and removed about 10 Ruby news type accounts that hadn’t posted anything for over a year! So I mostly follow regular Rubyists who either tweet about their own posts/tips, or retweet posts and tips that they see on their own feed.

Also I find that some of the people I follow (like @danielpclark) who follows accounts like Ruby Flow tend to sift through the rubbish and retweet the good stuff - saving me from having to do it, haha.

Matz is a really good person to follow too https://twitter.com/yukihiro_matz he keeps an eye out for important Ruby related news and general programming posts.

And don’t forget the https://twitter.com/MetaRuby account as it tweets every new thread that is posted :slight_smile:

I hear there is this handsome, yet wicked clever fellow going by @FredAtBootstrap that all the cool kids follow lately :smile:

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