Which other languages interest you?

Which other languages interest you?

Elixir is quite exciting.

It’s Erlang, but with Ruby-ish syntax. :heart:

In Elixir we can solve Problem 1 on Project Euler like so:

defmodule Problem1 do
  def result do
    |> Enum.filter(&multiples_of_three_of_five/1)
    |> Enum.reduce(0, &+/2)

  defp multiples_of_three_of_five(n) do
    rem(n, 3) == 0 || rem(n, 5) == 0

IO.puts Problem1.result

I :heart: the pipe-operator (|>). We need that in Ruby.


Elixir, Swift (more so now that it’s open source and on Linux) and Crystal.

Funny how they have all been influenced by Ruby in some way or another :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, dartlang is surprisingly good. Feels very much like smalltalk once you get past the superficial similarities to Java.

Oh, and smalltalk (pharo, amber)


I’m fascinated by Julia. It’s being sold as a numeric processing platform for scientists, etc., but it looks to me like an interesting general purpose language.

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D, Hack, and Scala are my current interests. The video that got me interested in Scala is Why Scala? …by a hilarious Indian guy

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Elixir, Go, and Javascript. Actually with Javascript, I’m telling myself that I enjoy Javascript and hoping the emotion follows the assertion at some point :smile: Can’t work on the web these days without JS.

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Beside Ruby which is awesome , I really like Clojure. It’s fast, fun to work with and I will have the advantage of using Java libraries.

Also I have an eye on Go and Elixir too.

What do you folks like and why ?

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Looking at it it does seem pretty awesome. It’s simpler than R and much faster. It appears to have the same purpose of visualizing data. I would like to do some of that kind of development myself.

I’m starting to be interested in Erlang.

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Why Erlang and not Elixir? They say Elixir is the child of Erlang and Ruby… and that it wasn’t a mistake :003:

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I think Erlang looks nicer as a language. Also it was built with the intent of routing live feeds (phone systems) and that is the kind of thing I have in mind.

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You can use Elixir for that :023: if anything, you get all the nice things from Elixir (such as being able to use any Erlang library, such as OTP) but you also get a lot of additional stuff that many people felt were missing from Erlang (from languages such as Ruby).

I would recommend Elixir over Erlang - learn it with us! :003:

I think the keyword defmodule is a real turn off. They would have been better off writing it like Assembly

MOV AX, 47104
MOV [3998], 36
INT 32


Kind of like how on Twitter they’re discussing how Ruby’s initialize should be shortened to init.


Lol, nutta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure there will be plenty of things in Erlang that will annoy you more :stuck_out_tongue:


I look at Elixir as sugar for Erlang. Erlang for me is like C. Powerful, but awful to code by hand. Why hurt yourself, when you can have sugar instead?


Funny that you say that. IRL I avoid sugar.

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Probably not as much as me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(My diet is extreeeeeemly strict)

Currently its Erlang, D, IO. FASM G also seems really cool right now.


Why not Elixir @Supercommuter?

Aston, you keep saying why not Elixir. Not everyone has to like the “new shiny”. I could ask you “Why not Perl?” or “Why not Haskel?”. It looks like there could be a couple thousand programming languages out there: List of programming languages - Wikipedia and I’m sure they missed some.

If some one tells you they like Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches is it normal to ask them “Why not Almond Butter and Honey sandwiches?”.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything. I’m just wondering why you seem so stuck on asking why flavor b over similar flavor.

It’s easier for people to know why they are interested in something than why they are not interested in something else. There may be a couple of reasons for some one not to be interested. 1) They don’t know anything appealing about it. (or anything at all) 2) They’ve given it consideration and it didn’t fit their needs or wants.

If I say I want to learn the Dutch language and you say “Why not German?”. The answer is because Dutch! :wink: People know their own interests… that’s what makes it an interest :wink:

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