Which areas of Ruby interest you the most?

Is it a particular framework, area, style? :101:

I’m interested at Concurrency(EventMachine, Celluloid) and Web Component(Web Server, Rack)

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I just love working in Ruby, no matter what the area it makes everything pleasant and easy.

In terms of frameworks I like Sinatra the most and Cuba is picking up my interest too.

The areas that I find ideal for Ruby use (apart from web dev of course) is systems integration, administration and deployment. Doing ETL processes and creating/consuming APIs is of particular interest.


I like problem solving and discovering new ways of getting the task done. Front end doesn’t interest me. I’m not into the new shiny either. What interests me is pure, simplified, and efficient Ruby.

Current areas of interest have to do with building domain specific queues and calculating possible combinations (combinatorial math). The reason for these is these are issues that are currently on my mind. Code I have to deal with.

I believe I, like most people, am interested in what seems “relevant”. And this is often related with the current coding involved.

One big thing I’m interested in is project collaboration.