What OS do you deploy Ruby on?

Continuing the discussion from What is the OS you develop Ruby on? (Thank’s for the idea @RedFred7 !)

I deploy on CentOS - have used it on me dedicated servers for years and I find it extremely reliable (knowing my luck it will mess up on me now!!!)

I deploy on whatever my clients want me to deploy, which is usually some Red-Hat derivative with the occasional Ubuntu Server thrown in the mix. Once, someone asked me to deploy on Windows IIS. I’m still chuckling whenever I think about it.

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Ubuntu - always have, and not had any reason as yet to move away.

Is anyone actively using docker (or similar) for deployments?

I’m using Docker for MetaRuby as it’s the only officially supported install of Discourse.

At first I was apprehensive as I just thought it was unnecessary and may be inefficient, or worse, a resource hog - but I am actually quite impressed by it.

There are some things to be aware of tho - Docker only really works with the latest kernels and they only seem to support the newer Linux distros.