What music do you listen to when coding?

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I’m almost always tuned in to www.bassdrive.com :slight_smile: (or via iTunes > Electronica > Bassdrive) #DrumAndBass

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As already stated I do different kinds of metal when I’m on headphones.

This is just Spotify with a playlist, whatever I feel like that day.

If we are listening to music in the entire office, we usually do more subtle music, like Epic Inspirational: - YouTube

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I should add that while Drum & Bass is my big musical love, I do actually have a varied taste in music and enjoy all sorts.

One thing I will miss when I move (and go travelling) is my set-up. I have two small USB speakers (that are really just channeling hi frequencies) and two normal hifi speakers (mainly for mids)… and a subwoofer. When I am in the zone - the music is usually turned up :smile:

For programming I tend to like Sigur Rós or Röyksopp or things like that.

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I have 20 Pandora stations: http://www.pandora.com/profile/stations/liquidrock

I listen to about 6 of them regularly and the others I don’t really play any more. You can follow my link above and listen to any of them. I generally make it a point to have no curse words in any approved music. My favorite stations are:

  1. Attack Attack Radio (Hardcore)
  2. Eyes on Fire Radio (Easy Listening) e.g. Lana Del Ray
  3. Dubstep Radio
  4. Fine Piano Music
  5. Guitar Picking
  6. Your Hand in Mine (Easy Listening)
  7. Sous Le Ciel De Paris Radio (French)
  8. Soft Wind Radio (BoogieWoogie/Ragtime)

I’m familiar with the songs that play on the more aggressive music style stations, so their uniqueness doesn’t distract from my programming but rather helps.

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I’m not sure if any of you guys listen to trance but that’s all i tend to listen to when im at work :smile:

I find it doesnt disturb my concentration as much as other genre’s. I guess its the repetitive nature of the genre.

[Trance Playlist][1]
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcrEgnps7R_LLdQj2jYhW_RPekXriUOeS

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Game OST!

or ACG musics

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Pretty much anything by the Wild Beasts or Metronomy, though when I’m coding JavaScript I tend to go for something more aggressive like Dr.Dre or Eminem.

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