What is your to-learn list?

What are the things you want to learn most? They could be new languages, technologies, frameworks, etc. You might be wanting to learn a new language, for instance, because you need it for your next career step or simply for the hell of it.

My own list, in order of priority, is:

  1. React.js: because I need to get into one of the JS frameworks and React is becoming very popular.
  2. Elixir language: powerful and elegant languages always catch my interest - that’s why I’m a Rubyist. Besides, FP is the way of the future.
  3. Celluloid.io: because sometimes you just need asynchronous processing.
  4. Opal / Volt: because @AstonJ will ban me if I don’t :laughing: . Just kidding, of course. Replacing JavaScript with Ruby is a hugely enticing prospect so Opal has my interest.
  5. Cuba / Grape and other micro-frameworks: because Rails isn’t always the right solution.

I’m currently interested in several cutting edge/cream of the crop technologies!


  • Volt and all things Opal - because I think they are extremely interesting technologies, and I think will be great for quickly prototyping ideas.
  • Lotus & Cuba - interesting new Ruby frameworks

###Non Ruby stuff

  • Elixir - aside from functional being the future, I’m just finding it very fascinating! The community rocks too!
  • Elm - because it is a functional language, and may become part of my Elixir stack.
  • Phoenix - the Elixir web framework. Speed is one thing, but concurrency (thanks to Elixir) is very appealing.
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For the next few weeks I’m learning how to make a Raspberry PI talk to a LightBlue Bean on Bluetooth LE.


That sounds pretty sweet @kofno! Is that for work or pleasure?

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I keep things I want to learn on an updatable gist: Things To Learn · GitHub

I haven’t touched the language section in a while. The General section is new.


Making a gist of it is a good idea Daniel! I might copy it, if you don’t mind (the idea, not the actual list ).

May I ask though: why D-lang ?


That sounds pretty sweet @kofno! Is that for work or pleasure?

We have a contract to write a tutorial for using a PI as a gateway to BLE things. So, technically work, but conveniently also pleasure.

I LOVE MY JOB!!! :smile:

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sounds like you got a good gig there Ryan :thumbsup:

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These are my ideas:

  1. Cuba (actually building an app which is coming out wonderfully)

  2. Opal / Volt because ruby syntax happens to be the most simple and beautiful

  3. Crystal language because ruby syntax happens to be the most simple and beautiful

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Hey @tommasop, I’d be interested in seeing your Cuba app (if you release the source code that is). I’ve played a bit with Cuba the last couple of weeks and I’d like to build an app on it. :thumbsup:

  1. (More) Elixir
  2. Ember.js
  3. More hardcore computer science (Possibly taking a PhD :smirk:)

@RedFred7 unfortunately I’m using it for a customer but I can surely share structure and overall acquired knowledge.

that would be mighty fine @tommasop. I’ll start a Cuba topic here in the next couple of weeks and hopefully we can share knowledge :thumbsup:

Whoops, I just posted one (must have done it while you were typing).

D is a beautiful language. It’s the right step in the evolution from C++. It’s designed specifically for multicore systems. I’d love to be able to program in Assembly, but I don’t want to have to go through the effort. I believe D is the best place on the next level up for efficient system development.

They used to have a beautiful site for D with nice looking documentation. It seems they have regressed. But my first impressions of it were very high and I’m very much a fan.

Here is a good summary of why to use D: http://dlang.org/overview.html

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  • React.js (seem hot, but not that stable yet)
  • Writing controller actions the class way in Rails (idea from Lotus)
  • Trailblazer (some of it)
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I think I’m finally going to try and learn phaser. I really like making little games for my girls. Also, the oldest is starting to get interested in programming and I think it would be fun for us to work on that together.

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Don’t forget there’s a Ruby/Opal wrapper for that that @ylluminate and crew put together GitHub - orbitalimpact/opal-phaser: A fast and free Opal wrapper for the Phaser framework to develop browser-based games in Ruby!

In ruby I want learn more about Rom and Lotus.
In outside Ruby I want learn more about Ember.js and Go


I started teaching the girls a little javascript, because they can play with it in their browsers. Plus, that’s how I really started learning web programming, way back when… :smile:

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