What happened to MetaRuby screencasts?

If you follow Matz on Twitter, you probably saw him retweet one of my tweets about screencasts appearing here at MetaRuby.

You’ll be glad to know the screencasting idea is alive and well! They’ll just be appearing under another name. :wink:

‘MetaRuby’ was actually a name we come up with specifically for a forum, but as it hadn’t been used (see this announcement for more on why) and as it’s fairly broad in what it could be used for, we thought it could be used as a placeholder or even as the actual name for the screencasting outfit should we be short on time and unable to work on a new brand.

However after some excellent feedback and discussion, we decided that a name and brand that focused on screencasting itself (and the idea in particular) would be better. That’s good tho because it frees up the name to use as per the original intention - a forum :smiley:

We’ll post more about the screencasting outfit soon (as it happens, there was so much interest that several teams have been formed - I’ll try and keep you updated about all of them). So stay tuned! :+1:

Oh yay!

I hope the screencasts will have subtitles/captions. They’re very useful!

(no pressure!) =)

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Do you have any recommendations on how to do that @a_night_owl?

May I also ask why btw? (Just curious!)

Nope, no recommendations! Except, please don’t rely on Google’s automatic subtitles. They’re awful!
(that is, if you upload it to Youtube)

As for why … in theory, we have five senses, yes? Except, for those weird, weird, weird human beings that lack one (or more) of them! =) (ie, I’m hard-of-hearing, and have no idea what’s being said in videos unless it has either subtitles or captions)

Anyway … shrugs. It’s up to you. =)

Good luck!

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