What do you use with ActiveJob?

  • Backburner
  • Delayed Job
  • Qu
  • Que
  • queue_classic
  • Resque 1.x
  • Sidekiq
  • Sneakers
  • Sucker Punch

… or?

Any reasons why?

When I upgrade from Rails 4.1 ActiveJob will be available for me. I’m in the process of converting my Rescue workers of to Sidekiq because I don’t have to spin up Heroku Dynos to get those done. Sidekiq is great :smile:

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Sidekiq and Resque both require Redis. Delayed job can use ActiveRecord. I am thinking about going with it - it was extracted from Shopify so fairly confident that it’s up to scratch. The other two are great if you require their performance.

Great thing about ActiveJob is you can swap and change as your needs change :slight_smile:

I’ve used sidekiq before, but I didn’t realize you could avoid worker dynos with it.


We’re still using Resque directly, although we’re considering switching to Sidekiq (which I’ve used other places and really enjoy). We may make the switch by switching to ActiveJob and then swapping backends.


The joys of multithreaded design. :smile:

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I did not know that either, great news. Is there anything specific to configure?

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Just Redis and an environment variable on how many worker threads to use.