What do you use for memory profiling a Rails project?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to determine what’s eating up memory in my Rails application. I don’t have any memory leaks, but I’m maxing out my free Heroku dyno. I highly suspect it’s that page caching I’ve enabled. But I don’t want to blindly make changes. What do you use, or have you used, and what do you recommend?

I think New Relic may be great, but my free trial has expired so I can’t use it for this. An 8 year old blog post on KCachegrind looks nice but it’s from back when Ruby 1.8.7 came out. What I’m currently working working on trying is rack-mini-profiler which has a excellent blog post posted within the past year and so I’m hopeful about this one. Lastly has anyone used memcahce-as-a-service (MemCachier) and does that help this kind of situation?

This is a new area for me so your input is greatly appreciated!

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By the way guys, rack-mini-profiler is AMAZING! :grinning:

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Nothing like analyzing all of the strings loaded into memory and finding T.S. Eliot using memory.

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Yup that’s what I use too :023:

I haven’t really used this that much but there is GitHub - schneems/derailed_benchmarks: Go faster, off the Rails - Benchmarks for your whole Rails app which I think has some memory profiling capabilities.