What do you love about Ruby the most?

Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really enjoy the short syntax, being able to do something like:

(1..6).inject(:+) # => 21

to sum up the numbers from 1 to 6.

Also the fact that everything is open, and that you can just add new features to existing classes:

class String
  def as_binary

puts "42".as_binary # => "101010"

In one word: Freedom. I have the freedom to choose between 6 different ways to do the same thing, the freedom to change a constant, the freedom to put my code in one line or more, the freedom to monkeypatch Object and cause havoc if I so choose :grinning:,

Ruby gives me the freedom to stop worrying about the language and start worrying about my project.


I was originally attracted by the openness; a stark contrast to Java. Also, it is a lovely object system.

Now, after so long, I love that I don’t have to think about Ruby; just what I’m writing.


I think I love that it just makes sense to me while not have the failings of other languages - that are too great to bear. Like semi colons, brackets, etc it’s hard enough making sense of code, why do we have to make sense of open and closing brackets and all that other superfluous stuff too?

Part of it making sense is that is has nuances similar to spoken language. Sometimes if not makes sense, sometimes unless.

These things make it easy to forgive some of its own failings - such as not being the fastest language in the world! Though, we’re getting there slowly haha.

After developing in Python for around 10 years my friend who was an advocate of Perl referred me to a Ruby job and I was hired before I even knew what Ruby was. Now we no longer argue which is better Python or Perl, because we are both Rubyists.

I like Ruby for its intuitive nature. I can often guess at what something should be and it works. This is something Python did not have as each thing must be learned.

Ruby is where I first learned and truly understood Object Oriented programming in using classes. I believe that is a benefit that Ruby provides with its design in that everything is an Object and so learning OO becomes straight forward.

But what I must say I like about Ruby the most is the Ruby community. The community is open, friendly, informative, and makes all peoples feel welcomed. There are places for people of all skill levels. I like to challenge myself and love getting into more technical material and this community provides that for me as well.


it’s like clay vs lego blocks. With ruby you just do things how you want. And also it’s so readable and understandable comparative to other langs.