The latest Ruby news: Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 16

Web servers! Everyone seems to have an opinion about which are the best and why, but if we’re not careful, habit and loyalty can blind us to rational decision-making. In this issue of Digest, we look in depth at some issues around servers for Ruby – and a whole bunch of other things besides. Enjoy.

10 new features in Ruby 2.5

Ruby 2.5.0-preview1 is the first preview along the road to Ruby 2.5.0 – but already, it has a bunch of features and improvements that make it worthy of attention. Popular Japanese Ruby blogger Junichi Ito takes a look.

Raptor: A Forthcoming Ruby Web Server for Faster App Deployment

From Unicorn to JRuby, there is an array of Ruby web servers out there – each with its own set of supporters. But the makers of Raptor, a new app server, claim that it has the power to blow the competition clean out of the water. Peter Cooper investigates.

Why Ruby app servers break on macOS High Sierra and what can be done about it

Anyone who’s upgraded their Mac to High Sierra in the past few weeks may have found that the new OS proves challenging terrain for preforking app servers such as Puma and Unicorn. Why is this, and what can be done?

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