Text Classification with Ruby

Hi all, I’ve been maintaining a text classification gem, jekyll/classifier-reborn for awhile, and it recently got pretty active again, and we’re adding new features and performance improvements. There are some good opportunities for both newer and more experienced devs to get involved, and I’d love some general feedback as well.

Currently the gem offers:

  • Bayesian Classification
  • A Redis backend (on master)
  • A Latent Semantic Indexer

I’m looking to add a few other NLP tools based on demand/what I find useful.


Interesting, by involvement, do you mean triaging the github issue queue or did you have some other approach in mind?

Mostly we’re looking for people to jump in and help build new features and help solve 1 major issue that involves implementing a Rust extension.

There are thing that range from easy like implementing an abstraction for a bag of words, to difficult like the aforementioned Rust ext that wraps a matrix library.