Suggestions/guidance for Feature Flags for my rails app?

Hi! I’m trying to sift through the options out there for feature flipping and I’d love to hear other people’s opinions. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

flipper: This is my preferred solution but I find the docs super convoluted for this one. It looks like I’d need to set up a wrapper in my app but there’s minimal-no guidance. The code samples showing the methods included are also all used within the context of local vars and I’m not sure how that translates through my application. Pros = cool approach with adapters and great features Cons = docs make it seem a little bloated and confusing to use.

ruby_flipper: I’ve used this in the past and loved it but it doesn’t have a ton of contributors and I don’t see any active development. Pros = super simple Cons = not sure how actively it’s being supported.

rollout Pros = good docs, active development. Cons = Our team prefers using ActiveRecord over Redis … also - not sure how I feel about depending on redis for managing my app state.

Alternatively - it seems like I could just roll my own … which could be pretty simple given that I’d like to use active record to manage my features.

I’d love thoughts or feedback on what others have used


Got flipper working - but I’d still love to hear about people’s experience with these options.


I haven’t used any of those before, but am interested in how people use them.

Also, isn’t it normally called “feature flags”? :flag_black:


I’ve heard of them as feature toggles. Personally I’ve not done anything beyond ENV toggles and user roles/permission feature toggles. When I’m told to add or remove features it’s usually write & delete the code.

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ya - probably :grin:

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