Shall we create a 'Crystal Forum' here on MetaRuby?

Wonder whether we should create a ‘Crystal Forum’ here on MR ?:slight_smile:


I’d be down for that, but I don’t know how many others are in :slight_smile:

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Maybe see how it goes then for a while? Up to you guys - happy to add one if enough of you would like one :023:

Well, I’d be thrilled to have one. Maybe there’s more interest then I think.

So, maybe others should speak up if they’d like to see it.

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Ok - have split these posts into a new topic :023:

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Not seeing a lot of love for Crystal.

:icon_sad: :panda_face:

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I would be interested too :slight_smile:

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Let the Crystal-ing commence :smiley:


Damn I forgot to update this thread :lol:

Our Crystal Forum is now live :003:


Nice, we got mentioned in Crystal Weekly :003:

MetaRuby: Crystal Forum
MetaRuby is a forum dedicated to Rubyists, now it has a section dedicated to Crystal :slight_smile: Be sure to check it out.