[Screencast] Progressive Render

Slow content got you down? Load it later! Use this gem to defer loading of portions of your page until after load. They will be fetched via AJAX and placed on the page when ready. Progressive Render | Drifting Ruby


Great screencasts @kobaltz - they remind me of the good ol days of Railscasts.

Keep it up :023:

Thanks! I try to keep them short and sweet. Though it is only my 33rd episode, I feel that I have made strides in the quality of recordings in the latest videos. I would love to make more than one video a week, but sadly it usually takes an evening or two of prep work and one evening of recording and editing. If I didn’t have two kids and another on the way, a full time job and wood working hobbies, I would probably release more often.

However, for the foreseeable future, I do not anticipate any changes to my release cycle nor my commitment to the Ruby community. At some point, I will follow suite as did Railscasts with making a subscription model, but have chosen to not do so for now.

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Sounds good Dave :023:

I keep meaning to do some myself (though they will probably be about Elixir) but like you say, it’s very time consuming!

I was also considering setting up a screencasting outfit (open to lots of casters) but again it’s just finding the time.

Keep up the good work!