RubyMotion - what do you think of it?

I keep meaning to learn it (it’s on my to-do list - might even do some screencasts on it!) anyone tried it yet? What do you think of it?

It looks pretty interesting but I probably won’t use it any time soon. For private use it’s too expensive for me and at work we don’t have any need for it.

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Yeah, I wish Laurent could find a way to OS it and find a good way to monetise it. Was talking to @fkchang2000 earlier about this too. I reckon it would be much much more popular if it were OS.

We’ve been having some good success lately using RubyMotion. We’re about to deploy a Mac app (not iOS, but a menubar app that should be a lot of fun for folks) to the App Store within the next few days or week. I got to thinking about this and had to ask myself, why not this?

I realize that that would be pretty involved, but such a move would be incredibly interesting and frankly useful for such an organization as theirs.

Funnily enough, I wanted to make a menubar tweak the other day and wondered if I could use RM. I look forward to seeing your app!

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I built an iOS app and a menubar app, and played with the Android API.

It’s got a lot of Ruby’s issues, without the ability to tap into 98% of Ruby’s ecosystem, and the added obstacle of extra syntax rules.

Most ruby motion apps seem to end the same way as most inexperienced Rails apps: Lost of things in AppDelegator or “singleton god objects”.

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You should do some screencasts to show better ways of going about things @krainboltgreene :smiley:

Can you share links to your apps please? I’m always curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely, I’ll get the menuapp on github soon. I went with a unique approach in that I wrap iOS interface objects with PORO’s, so that I can mock and test them easily in Ruby land. Very fast.

I don’t want to sound like a huge downer about RM btw, one of my good friends loves RM and uses it in his consultancy. It’s just that, along with Crystal, I’m just not sure why they bothered with being true to Ruby.

Great thanks, will look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

Personally I think there is quite a bit of difference between being an AltRuby or being Ruby-like.

Maybe it’s a psychological thing, perhaps in part due to a few other languages using the ‘inspired by Ruby’ line when they aren’t really anywhere close to it (such as CS).

Not OSS = an albatross that may eventually cost you a lot when its acquired, dies, or stops being maintained. See: foundationDB and apple