Ruby IoT Projects- Let's See 'em!

I saw the thread about Ruby on a Pi and thought it would be fun to share what’s running Ruby in IoT land.

I am a core contributor to the FarmBot Project, which is almost entirely Ruby based (EventMachine on a Pi), aside from some C++ firmware and JS on the frontend.

The Raspberry Pi has been running a Ruby Codebase quite happily since day 1.

Anyone else building some cool, non-web stuff with Ruby? Really curious to hear how folks are liking MRuby.


What is farmbot used for Rick?

This thread might be worth a look:

It’s an OpenSource robotics project that aims to automate agriculture. Think of it as a big robot arm that does gardening. It’s got:

  1. Rails frontend for control stuff
  2. EventMachine device driver that talks to the world via websocket connection (plus some REST client stuff, too)
  3. Serial driver (Ruby, also) to talk to physical hardware over the USB line and actually move stuff / get inputs.

It’s been a pretty fun project. Anyone else seen similar stuff crop up on Github? I hear Artoo has been gaining some traction. Anyone worked with it yet?

EDIT: Also just found Enzi which is a very promising hardware package that runs MRuby.


Wonder if Matz has a list of mruby in the wild? Might be worth tweeting him :slight_smile:

FB looks cool - I’d love to grow my own veg :stuck_out_tongue: