Ruby for Art

In an age where almost everything is mass-produced, many people are more concerned than ever with finding ways to develop and express a taste that is unique and individual to them. One of the purest forms of individual expression is art – and for those of us who are not talented artists ourselves, expression through art means enjoying the work of other people.

But for many people, buying an original artwork can seem like a daunting process: auction houses and commercial galleries are extremely intimidating places, not least because of the exorbitant prices usually asked for the works on sale.

Luckily, though, at this moment in steps LumiArts – a platform that combines in-depth knowledge of art with the straightforwardness and simplicity of e-commerce. Founded on the back of a successful gallery in London’s Belgravia district, it aims to make buying art much more accessible, without compromising quality.

And Roobykon Software is pleased to introduce the new improved LumiArts portal! With Ruby technologies, we made this portal as comfortable as possible for users!
Explore and have the brightest day:

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