Ruby deployment tools

What do you use?
What would you use or look at for your next app?

Here’s a few:

I’m a fan of package based deployment.

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What kind of tools do you use @Supercommuter?

We use chef.

I’ve been playing with docker again, at least for smaller pieces of our infrastructure.

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Standard Debian packaging tools. I just follow the convention for a source package.

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I wonder if you could do a write-up or blog post about that @Supercommuter? Sounds like an interesting way to deploy an app…

I just git push. It’s simple. Set up multiple repos to push to for different purposes and push where you’d like.

Seriously considering ditching Capistrano for Mina - trying to deploy an app and just lots of silly little errors.

Mina has a rollback feature now which was one of the main reasons I didn’t go with it last time. This looks like a pretty good Rails/Mina tut: Rails Deployment Tutorial