RoRvsWild: Ruby on Rails app monitoring

RoRvsWild is a performances and errors monitoring tool for Rails developers. The Ruby gem now includes a development mode that lets you supervise your requests performances before you deploy your code, and without sending any data to RoRvsWild.

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Looks really nice.

What distinguishes you from others, say New Relic?

What extras do I get, by buying your product, when you also have a free alternative, without sending you my data?


We believe it’s much simpler to use than New Relic. Our goal is to make it fast to find the line in your code causing a bottleneck or error. It’s also much more affordable since you can have all your projects managed with a single account, and the price depends on your requests + jobs consumption, vs per host pricing for New Relic.

Our free product only measures the performances of your own requests in your development environment before you deploy your code. You can use it without an account. Just install the gem.
Our paid product (free under 100k requests per month) measures everything happening in your staging or production environments: requests, background jobs and errors generated by your visitors. All the data is stored for 30 days, and sorted so you can easily find what to focus on to improve your app performances and reliability. You also get notifications when errors occur.

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nice !

thanks :slight_smile: