Rom-rb and rails

rom-rb looks like an interesting project. Since I tend to use a lot of form and view objects in Rails applications, I can see moving to a data layer like this one day.

Has anyone tried this in their Rails’ applications? What are your thoughts?


I’ve heard Avdi Grimm say he likes it. I would need to set some time aside to try it and see for myself. Looks appealing.

Same here. I’d really like to try it out in a rails class. I’ve thinned out my models so much that I think if I could grok the API, it wouldn’t change my workflow much. I think the rails docs on the rom-rb site need fleshing out a bit. How do migrations work? An example app maybe.

I suppose if I figure it out I could contribute that…

Since ROM uses the Sequel ORM under the hood, I’m pretty sure you just write Sequel migrations (which are very similar to ActiveRecord migrations).