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Introducing the release of Roguelytics Ruby Gem: roguelytics | | your community gem host

Roguelytics is a real-time, on-page web analytics package for those who don’t have a PhD in Data Science.

For years, we’ve seen businesses and developers struggle to answer basic questions about the performance of their websites. At Rogue, we’ve emphasized structuring data and pages to gain meaningful business insights from opaque web data, particularly for startups looking to raise capital.

Now, we’ve spun off our proprietary analytics into a standalone platform called Roguelytics.

About the Platform:
• Real-time on-page analytics – displayed as an expandable/collapsible drawer, providing actionable and insightful data at your fingertips.
• No separate site or portal login required.
• User-friendly simplifying data and tools that track, forecast, and interpret user behavior and activity – in REAL TIME!
• Quickly make more accurate business decisions through clarified and simple metrics.
• Fast and easy set up - simply drop two lines of code into your WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, Rails and/or custom sites.

You can install manually or download our Ruby Gem here.

Sign up today at

To learn more, send us an email: For developers interested in deeper integration:

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