Review for ruby articles

Hi all! A few months ago I started to publish articles about ruby. At the moment I have published about 15 articles. However, English is not my native language and I would like someone to help me. I’m a little worried about the grammar mistakes in the articles (I have some tools like + my understanding of language, but I’m not sure if it’s enough).

Can anyone recommend where I can get a review for articles? I know that there are paid options, but maybe there is a community where I can publish my articles and not lose motivation.

Maybe you know someone who has a similar experience, how do such people solve this problem?


There is a shell script, or if you use VIM or Emacs there is a plugin, that helps with better writing called writegood (which in English is considered bad grammar and the right grammar would be “write well”… but that is intentional).

Not everything that writegood says is too wordy is bad, most of that is okay.

There is also a shell script for spell checking mdspell.

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I see we have ‘Learning Ruby’ category on this forum. Is it a great place to post links to my articles?

Sure. Share what you like.