Refile file upload gem - ready for production?


I want to know if some of you already deploy in production the refile gem ( ).

I already use dragonfly on previous project and refile seems better. But I looking for some reviews.



I’ve not used it, but what about Carrierwave?

I’ve used it for a few years and it has been problem-free.


carrierwave is really great and I already use it on several project. But I don’t like the way to change image processing because need to be on the upload.

I really like the concept of processing on-the-fly. It’s save stocking space and we can change format when we want without hours of processing to regenerate all new format


Ah I see… the only other one I know that does on-the-fly processing is Dragonfly:


I already use dragonfly on previous project. It’s a good gem. But I like the separation between cache and backend in refile. So I want to migrate to it.


You might find this interesting @shingara


thanks for the link. Interresting