Rails 5

Anyone using this yet?

I’m creating a small app in Rails and wondering whether to use 5 or not. I need it up fast, so am leaning towards 4.

We are actually using a rails 5 beta3 app in production :smiley:
It’s just a little component of our whole app, but still until now it runs smoothly.

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That’s encouraging - I think once this app is done, I might create a Rails 5 version and see how it goes. It’s only small so I don’t envisage many problems.

How are you liking Rails 5? Does it feel any different?

We are using rails 5 with --api option. So it’s kinda like an rails-api app.
So far I feel not too much difference (hadn’t yet the oppurtinity to use actioncable, and other cool stuff like attribute api)

The thing I liked the most so far was the rake / rails command router (You can now invoke every rake command through rails → rails db:migrate)

Here are some awesome posts about rails 5: http://blog.bigbinary.com/categories/Rails%205

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Nice. I think rails db alone is going to cut a lot of head scratching, esp for newbies :lol:

Your link reminds me actually, do you all think we should start putting together some wikis, and news threads like we have on the Elixir Forum?

When we add the new design, we are going to ditch the current categories too, and go for something more like EF. It will be quite a big change I think.

for rails 5 as an api, is it much faster than rails 4?

what are the biggest advantages of upgrading from a rails 4 project (as an API) to a rails 5 api project?

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