Notable frameworks in other languages

Wonder if we can compile a list of frameworks in other languages - and see if any of them are doing anything that warrants a closer look…

Phoenix - Elixir

Boss - Erlang

Django - Python … it’s epic. :smiley:

Also a legacy framework:
Zope - Python

I was a Python hobby developer for 10 years.

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  • Flask

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Javacripts Meteor looks nice

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  • Hoodie - interesting because it abstracts over the backend, and focuses on building the front end


  • Yesod - Type safe everything; routes, links, etc.
  • Snap - modular components
  • Spock - Based on a the haskell version of sinatra (scotty). Adds type safe routes and other security enhancements
  • Servant - Combinators for defining webservice apis. Can also generate documentation and client libraries.

Go - Utron GitHub - gernest/utron: A lightweight MVC framework for Go(Golang)

Check out the ‘Are you hiring bit’

I have 2 years experience working with golang and 5 years of web development experience. I don’t have a juicy CV because I’m in Tanzania, and almost everyone I graduated with has no job, has never had one and doubts he/she will ever land one (unless, of course, you are lucky which I’m not.)

If you are a recruiter, please get in touch, because I have my full trust that code will get me out of this abysmal poverty.

Hope he gets hired :lol:


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