Need of standalone package for academic purpose like anaconda (not big data)


There are so many gems but sometimes i found it confusing. For example open-uri, faraday, http-party… All of them are HTTP/s library. But only faraday is good if someone is interesting in headers, middleware stuff. Not all ruby users are working in company. Some are students and they need easy way to things faster. Student don’t need big stuff like big data. We just need some gems for basic. Just a gem for students for academic purpose. For example, Anaconda (package that contain almost all packages needed by student). Python pack them all with suitable 3rd party applications.

For example, In ruby…we need to install ImageMagick 6.9.x version. Rmagick don’t work with latest 7.x.x version at all on windows. In packetfu gem, we need pcap-devel files. It takes almost 3-4 hours to set everything. Why don’t you pack all those academic pack which is preconfigured with 3rd party apps so that we students can use it easily. Lets make ruby fun again.

As a student

  1. We want a standalone package which is preconfigured with 3rd party apps.
    OR atleast Mindmap/list of important gems