My views about Ruby

  • Ruby makes me happy.
  • What makes ruby great? its syntax that easy to understand by brain and also relaxing for heart.
  • Python is jack of all fields but master of none. It’s not readable and soothing for brain. I just hate python. I used to write scripts in python. From string interpolation to packages everything sucks.
  • Matz and other community member is working on compiler and its getting better with each release.
  • Quantum Computing era just begins. We have lots of cheap hardware but we still talk about concurrency. Crystal programming language comes. It have ruby like syntax and amazingly fast. Crystal programming support concurrency but have no support for parallelism. I’ll prefer it over ruby in some cases but not for all cases. Crystal Programming may be not good for scripting (correct me if i am wrong) but still it will be my second choice after ruby.


I’ve used and evaluated a lot of file scripting languages in the past, and Ruby is by far the most expressive interpreted language I’ve ever used.

For instance, a few lines of Ruby code are all you need to process complex regular expression in thousands of files. And my scripts are so much more readable than their Perl counterparts, while being at least as concise !

I only missed the possibilty of using AOT compilation (like in D for instance), and this is precisely what Crystal is now bringing to the table :smiley: