Most prominent people in Ruby

A post by Fred got me thinking about this - who do you think are the most prominent figures in Ruby?

Obviously there’s Matz, and I don’t think anyone can deny DHH - but, who else? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is a computer programmer, author and editor. He has
written about Ruby and together with Andy Hunt, he co-authored The
Pragmatic Programmer and runs The Pragmatic Bookshelf publishing

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Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson share his passion in Ruby in many ways. He's a core contributor to both Ruby and Rails. And he speaks often at Ruby conferences bringing smiles, laughs, and insights. Aaron Patterson brings joy to the community and his contributions are greatly valued.

And three people who are prominent figures in Ruby to me personally are Aja Hammerly, James Edward Gray II, and Ben Orenstein. This isn't all inclusive. There are so many people in the community that are important to me. These are just to name a few.

P.S. I have a life goal of having Aaron Patterson being genuinely interested enough in a project of mine to take part in it.


He’s just awesome isn’t he? I had an issue with Nokogiri once and he not only helped me sort it out but was doing all these charts and graphs to explain things to me! He has such a gentle, warm nature - I wish I was more like him!

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Avdi Grimm


Michel Martens, a.k.a. Soveran, author of Cuba and countless other Ruby utilities. Prolific contributor and very knowledgeable guy.

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“michael hartl” - who write Ruby on Rails Tutorial. hahahaha, the helpful tutorial for beginer.

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  • Rafael França,Sean Griffin,Justin Weiss, Pat Shaughnessy, Tony Arcieri ,Piotr Solnica etc… for Ruby
  • Brian (@brixen) and Yorick Peterse (@YorickPeterse) etc… for rubinius
  • charles oliver nutter (@headius) and Thomas E Enebo (@tom_enebo) etc… for Jruby
  • Luca Guidi,Trollê (@joneslee85) etc … for lotus framework
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