Learning Resources - what's out there?

I’m currently finding Udemy pretty good - I like how you can just buy what you want and some of their courses are very polished.

Their iOS course has been bought over 100,000 times :lol:

Treehouse (never used)
CodeSchool (great!)
RailsCasts (great!)
GoRails (great!)

…any more?

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I’m working on producing as much learning material as I can for my fellow rubyists.

Most of my material can be found on my blog. Here is my most recent post:

I also have two paid products (I’m trying to turn this into my job):


I love helping people learn Ruby, so let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to cover.


Hey Guys!

I’m still going through the www.launchschool.com coursework (formally Tealeaf Academy). They added lots of courses, renamed the school, launched a new site and changed their pricing structure. I couldn’t be happier with them.

I’m not sure if they fit into the resources category thoug:smile: -)

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Khan Academy has excellent Math and Computer Science courses for free.

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I forgot one which is amazing but I haven’t had the time go through it yet (because of launchschool).

Marc, who owns it, is a great guy. And they regularly release new content.


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