Languages most suited to specific tasks or domains

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Which languages do you think are suited to which applications?

Web - Ruby (Rails), JS

Science - Python?

Banking - Java?

OS’s - C?


Automated testing of web applications - Python, Ruby



  • Visual Data Analysis: Julia, R
  • Linguistic Parsing & AI: Python

High Volume Streaming Media: Erlang
3D Games: C, C++, C#, D, Python, HTML5 (Canvas), Java, Scala, JRuby
Web Backend: D, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, Erlang, Go, Bash, JavaScript, VB, Scala
Front End: JavaScript, HTML5, WebAssembly (future language)
Templating: Slim, HAML, LESS, SASS, CSS
DOS: Assembly, C, C++, Batch, Basic
Linux: Everything excpet for Microsoft and Apple’s languages :wink:

If there are obvious ones I haven’t listed in a category it’s because I’m not aware of them at this time. I agree with @Evmorov on testing. Both Python and Ruby include Watir and Mechanize for automated web testing. Great tools!

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