Jquery and rails

Hi, I’m confused with why my local (or development environment) works well with Jquery 3.3.1 (I have some dropdown hover jquery events) , but when I build it on Heroku (production), it fails to load Jquery 3.3.1, I git version 1.12.4 (and my jquery scripts aren’t running.)

No Idea why it works in development, but fails in production.

Does the development console in Chrome/Firefox/Your browser say anything is broken?

I get the following error, (just one of the jquery scripts I use).

Uncaught ReferenceError: CKEDITOR is not defined

but all my jquery isn’t functioning, I’ve got dropdown hover menus, and using lightbox (which is a photo gallery sort of thing).

Here’s the site if your interested in taking a look… (it’s a project I’ve been working on to learn ROR).


The error stops further execution of your javascript, so you should definitely check to fix that one first.

I would like to fix the error, if I only knew how.
I followed the ckeditor instructions right from https://rubygems.org/

Maybe I should remove ckeditor totally.

I removed ckeditor from my app, and got the dropdown hover to work (when it loads )
unfortunately doesn’t work on other pages, I’ve got to see how it’s loaded.