JavaScript/HTML5 Game Dev (recommendations anyone?)

I’m looking to make a game with an isometric map. Think like a Sim City or Age of Empires type map layout. What JavaScript/HTML5 libraries would you recommend for implementing this?

If you know of iOS compatible libraries that would be a plus. Also any Ruby mix is a plus (with Opal or otherwise).

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Opal Phaser - Opal wrapper for the Phaser framework to develop browser-based games in Ruby! :003: By @ylluminate @gabrielrios et all :smile:

Elm Lang is also worth a look (I keep meaning to get the PragStudio casts to see what the fuss is all about) - but be warned it’s a functional language.

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Thanks Aston!

Just found this HTML5 canvas demo written in pure CoffeeScript. I think I like the results :smiley: 200+ FPS

Keep the recommendations coming!

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Looks great! Check out the Fluttershy demo :005:

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Here are some Elm benchmarks

The ‘time travel’ debugger could be a great help in game dev:

Fluttershy is wicked (hard tho! lol)

I believe I’ve found the way I’m going to build my game. :smiley: Starting with these two blog posts to get started with Opal Canvas in Rails:

And the library I’ll be including to design my Isometric map is: Isomer Even it’s JavaScript looks like Ruby :smiley: So it’ll be easy to integrate with Opal (I’m guessing).

It’s simple. And I like to keep things simple.

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Nice one, perhaps you could build an opal wrapper for it like the Opal Phaser guys? GitHub - orbitalimpact/opal-phaser: A fast and free Opal wrapper for the Phaser framework to develop browser-based games in Ruby!

Keep us posted!

Check out the gallery on Isomer Isomer – Gallery

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Hey @danielpclark! Thanks for checking out opal-phaser and taking a look at my Fluttershy demo app! Sorry for the late reply; I only occasionally check on this forum and just now created an account to post this :slight_smile:
Also, thanks @AstonJ for mentioning opal-phaser to newcomers interested in HTML5 game dev with Ruby!


Also, @danielpclark, if you’re interested in development with 3D stuff, you might check out three.rb , which wraps Three.js via Opal.
You also might want to check out opal-pixi, which is good for all sorts of 2D Canvas stuff in Ruby, including games.