Is haml a sinking ship?



I’ve been using haml for years. Unfortunately there was no commit to the repo since February and the repo in general became a quiet place. Haml became very popular and it’s syntax is closer to Rubys syntax, so why it never replaced ERB in Rails? Is it a sinking ship?


What do you mean by “replace ERB”?
HAML can only be used in HTML while ERB can be used in text, JavaScript other file types with text only.


I wouldn’t judge if it’s going away by it’s commit history. It’s largely a feature complete tool. It generates html. It’s being updated for new versions of ruby as they land.


haml is not something I ever went for. But I’m a huge fan of Arbre for generating HTML from Ruby like code. It’s fantastic!!!


Looks neat!


We used Slim at my last job. Seems a bit better than HAML in my opinion.

ERB just feels too “PHP” for me. :wink: ERB also has some weird quirks and it’s closed sourced… :expressionless:

A long time ago I wrote two blog posts about ERB. You can read 'em here: and I never heard from the maintainer of ERB about my concerns.