How to use MetaRuby as a mailing list

I love this feature - you can now get MetaRuby to act as a mailing list :003: where every post is emailed to you and you can reply to posts via email!

Just go to your preferences and tick the box that says ‘Send me an email for every new post’:

You can even mute sections that are of no interest to you.

Cool huh?

I don’t know, I love visiting this site, wouldn’t be the same by email, would miss the human interaction :neutral_face:

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I do too - but sometimes it’s just so convenient being able to hit reply :003:

It will be interesting to see how much it is used - every post submitted by email has a little icon saying so.

The only drawback is that emails are only polled every 5 minutes - so there could be a delay in your reply appearing.

I thought we get weekly updates automatically. I’ve gotten a few, and I don’t think I did any special configuration.

The weekly updates are just a digest of stuff than you’ve missed since your last visit :smile:

The mailing list feature lets you use MetaRuby like a traditional mailing list - where you subscribe to a mailing list (like, say the Ruby mailing list) and every time someone posts something on the mailing list you get sent it by email, and you can reply by email and it is sent to everyone else on the mailing list.

It’s basically what people used before forums - but are still handy because email is still the best ‘notification’ for desktop machines :003: