How do I run multiple Ramaze apps on the same server?

I use the Ramaze framework
I also use my Windows laptop for programming.

I would like a directory structure like this

—> localhost:7000/ramazeapp1

—> localhost:7000/ramazeapp2

Basically I am looking for a Ruby server I can run on my Windows laptop
as a development server, of which I can have different apps and scripts
in each subfolder and all I have to do to run it, is enter the
appropriate web address in the web browser.

Is there a ruby server I can run on my Windows laptop where I put files
and folders into a [web] directory and it just runs in my web browser
automatically? I use the Ramaze framework , and I’m
not happy with entering ramaze start on the command line to run a server
for each Ramaze app I make. What if I want multiple Ramaze apps on the
same server?

I’d prefer to have a ruby server where I can have multiple Ramaze apps
running on the same server, in the same way how in wampserver/xampp I
can run phpbb forum and wordpress on the same server, not each
script/app be its own server.

You can usually set the port for your app so instead of having them both at 7000 you can have the 2nd one at 7001. Setting a port is usually as simple as appending -p 7001 or --port 7001 on the end of the command to start your server.

Also if you’re looking to run multiple apps you could also consider using something like VirtualBox or Docker… but you will have to take some time to learn to use it.

I’m not sure about Ramaze itself, but generally an framework like that should have a router for traffic coming in from which you can direct to different resources. If it’s anything like Rails you would mount those different apps as engines within the app before you could use them.

I tried to get Docker and Vagrant to work but they don’t work on my Windows laptop. They just throw errors.

I believe my issue is what is what makes ruby less popular, as it makes ruby less accessible.

You can use Passenger:

I run multiple Rails app on my servers with Passenger :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry, thought you were talking about production. Dan’s post should work - you can specify different ports to run more than one app at a time (with Rails anyway, not sure about Ramaze).

What if I have a windows laptop and would like to run multiple Ramaze/rack apps on the same server on my windows laptop as development? I can’t use Passenger on my windows laptop.