Has anyone used Butter CMS to add a blog to their rails app?

I’m looking to add a blog to my rails app to detail new features for users, etc., and someone suggested Butter CMS. I was wondering if anyone here has used it or could share their thoughts. Thanks!

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I’ve never heard of it - why not use http://jekyllrb.com or just create a blog in Rails?

Few reasons:

  1. I want the blog to live at /blog
  2. I want the blog theme to match the rest of my site. Don’t want to have to copy all of my theming into Jekyll
  3. I need to have others on my team be able to blog. They are not technical so I’d like to avoid forcing them to write markdown and be involved with Git.
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I haven’t heard about Butter either, but as I see it, it’s an endpoint, where you can write up your blog posts and have them (and other blog related stuff) served via an API?

This seems like an awful lot to go through, just to get a blog, which in Rails can be created in a matter of minutes. With Butter it seems that you still need to set up the view part yourself, so you do more than half the job, the only thing they provide is the admin-backend, isn’t that right?


Totally agree with this - a blog would be trivial in Rails as it’s a basic crud app.

  • It could live at /blog
  • Theme no problem as you can do the views like any other Rails app
  • Backend no problem either, roll your own auth or use Devise


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There’s Camaleon CMS (http://camaleon.tuzitio.com/), they sell themselves
as being a wordpress alternative built in Rails. Never used them.


Thanks for the response. Yeah, from my understanding, they serve up the content via their API. Good point about the views. I noticed they have a Rails Gem (https://github.com/buttercms/buttercms-rails/) that seems to handle pretty much all of that for me. I would just need to tweak the html in those generated views.

Hey gabrielrios, I came across Camaleon CMS. Looks pretty powerful but I think is overkill for what I need.