Goodbye MetaRuby - hello!

Hi everyone!

As many of you will know @Ohm kindly took over the running of this forum back in August 2018, and he’s done a great job hosting and managing the forum since. He got in touch with me last year saying he could no longer administer the site.

I thought about what we could do. Find another admin? Delete the site? Put it in read-only mode? And then I had a brilliant idea!

Since I am now firmly on the polyglot path - and I guess many of you are too - I thought we could start a multi-language forum and simply import all your threads and your accounts over from here. Your threads would be preserved and you’d have a new ‘home’ too.

However, on attempting to import all your data I found our DB had become out of sink with recent versions of Discourse and the import failed. MetaRuby was one of the first Discourse forums out there, so I am not surprised. Since it is so easy to use Github or Twitter to sign up an account now, I thought we could just leave MetaRuby in a read only state here and simply invite you all over to Devtalk - that way those who want to come over can and the ones the don’t won’t be bothered in anyway :slight_smile:

We actually ended up aiming to be more than just a forum, but more of a platform where we’ll have language specific portals!

We have a Ruby portal here: and a Crystal one here: - though we’ve only just launched so they’ll make more sense when new threads are posted.

We’ll also be running a Members of the Month scheme where we reward our most helpful members (and give them a free eBook too!) and we have a number of giveaways where we’ll give away over $10,000 worth of prizes over the course of our first year!

If that sounds like your type of platform, please drop by and take a look - we’d love to have you onboard!

I look forward to catching up with you should you venture over and I hope you’re all keeping well and safe!