GoF design patterns in Ruby

Hi guys,

I’m just summarizing all the GoF design patterns adapted to Ruby in Russ
Olsen’s book “Design patterns in Ruby” to keep it as a reference. You
can find it here

I hope it helps somebody else!


Thanks for making it!

Thank you @PikachuEXE! Don’t hesitate to contribute if you find any typo/mistake or anything to improve there :slight_smile:

Great work @davidgf :slight_smile:

If you could only pick 3 design patterns, which ones would you pick? In other words, what are your favorites?

Well, I think I couldn’t pick a set of them, as they are just known solutions to common problems, so it’d depend on the problem I was facing.
That said, I love how the combination of Strategy and Command patterns let’s you process complex tasks that vary depending on the context , and also like to see how a system is easily extended thanks to Convention Over Configuration (even though this is not a GoF pattern).

It’s hard to understand them.
And even harder to figure out when/how they can be used in current projects.