Github and Reading Code

Feel free to share you Github user link here. I encourage reading and discussing code in this thread. It’s recommended to read code and I’d like to read code from people I’m more familiar with.

You are free to read any of my code at

If there are any particular projects you feel highlight your techniques and style feel free to mention them. My pet project is PolyBelongsTo. Also feel free to ask others about their code usages and techniques.


Well, github is having some DDoS issues this morning, but here’s my profile whenever it comes back: kofno (Ryan L. Bell) · GitHub

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Here are my pet projectsssss:

Mostly built & extracted from/for my project at work

Latest project is GitHub - PikachuEXE/rspec-json_matchers: A collection of RSpec matchers for testing JSON data.
But still doing “alpha testing”

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