General Ruby Chat & News Thread

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Rubinious Inc is born:

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Rubinious Compute:

Industry analysts say that Amazon Lambda is a game changer. We agree.

Distributed, resilient, collaborating networks of compute nodes are the future of applications in a connected world.

Compute is a service to run distributed, resilient, scalable apps on the Rubinius language platform. Like Amazon Lambda, you pay for computing, not for having a computer sitting there waiting to run your app.

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RubyConf 2015 - Keynote and Q&A: Matz

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Half of everything at manning today:

This is cool :003:

Wow… I have to say that is amazing, however I have spotted “4 spaces” repositories and developers in the wild. :sob: I would expect it to look shorta like Scala’s.

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Upgrading to Ruby on Rails 5.0 from Rails 4.2 – application use case

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20 years of Ruby

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Another free ebook from oReilly - static site generators

Given the choice between static and dynamic websites, why wouldn’t you choose to serve custom, dynamically generated content to each visitor to your site? Yet to the surprise of many, static websites are coming back. Having been ridiculed for years, they now fulfill a vital need for bloggers and others who simply want to disseminate information.
Static site generators—the new breed of tools for creating static sites—simplify the once-tedious process of building and deploying these basic sites. Get the lowdown on these tools and see what’s behind the return of the static site with Static Site Generators, a new report by Brian Rinaldi.

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Good read on the future of rails…

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Another (JS) freebie

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