#FutureRuby - what do you think the future of Ruby looks like?

Although not really a Ruby, I think Crystal should be in there too :lol:

what about your opinion? i think you know ruby better than me. i saw that ruby light shine dimmer, but i didn’t know what really happen, because i’m new in programming. i didn’t have any experience. hehehe

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Clue’s in the graphic :wink: :003:

But yeah, I think Alt Rubies will play a not inconsiderable factor in the future of Ruby.

We’ve got:

  • Ruby on the server side
  • Ruby on the client side
  • Ruby on mobile devices
  • Ruby on embeded devices
  • Ruby Everywhere! Haha

I don’t think any other languages offer so many Alt version - and I haven’t even mentioned JRuby, Rubinious, or other emerging tech like Volt, and other new frameworks like Lotus etc :slight_smile:

I honestly hope it involves being able to move away from ruby being viewed as “bloated” in comparison to “bare metal” languages like C++. I’d love to have the speed and efficiency with the amazing syntax and power of the language.

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I think that’s where Crystal is gonna come in :slight_smile: Soundcloud team are already using it I think…

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don’t forget about mruby…

There are some very cool things going on, like people have discovered that they can create “distributable binaries” for CLIs and there are also daemons like trusterd (http2 server in mruby) being coded.

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@brodock mruby was embedded also into h2o which is really nice and faaaast